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SpectrAlert® Advance

SpectrAlert Advance selectable-output horns, strobes and horn/strobes are rich with features guaranteed to cut installation times and maximize profits. The SpectrAlert Advance series of notification appliances is designed to simplify your installations, with features such as: plug-in designs, instant feedback messages to ensure correct installation of individual devices, and eleven field-selectable candela settings for wall and ceiling strobes and horn/strobes.

More specifically, when installing Advance products, first attach a universal mounting plate to a four-inch square, fourinch octagon, or double-gang junction box. The two-wire mounting plate attaches to a single-gang junction box.

Then, connect the notification appliance circuit wiring to the SEMS terminals on the mounting plate.

Finally, attach the horn, strobe, or horn/strobe to the mounting plate by inserting the product’s tabs in the mounting plate’s grooves. The device will rotate into position, locking the product’s pins into the mounting plate’s terminals. The device will temporarily hold in place with a catch until it is secured with a captured mounting screw.

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