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Wheelock MT Series A/V Appliances

The Wheelock Series MT and MT Strobe Multitone electronic appliances offer a choice of eight (8) nationally and internationally recognized alerting sounds: Horn, Bell, March Time Horn, Code-3 Tone, Code-3 Horn, Slow Whoop, Siren or Hi/Lo Tone. The Code-3 Horn and tone patterns are engineered to comply with NFPA/ANSI Temporal Pattern specifications without requiring additional equipment. With MT and MT Strobe appliances, one alarm appliance meets most of your signaling needs. The MT strobes can be synchronized using the Wheelock DSM Sync Modules, Wheelock Power Supplies or other manufacturers panel incorporating the Wheelock Patented Sync Protocol.

Each MT and MT Strobe appliance has two installer selective sound output levels: STANDARD dBA and HIGH dBA. Non-strobe versions provide selectable voltage capability in one unit, 12VDC or 24VDC. Strobe versions are specific for either 12VDC or 24VDC and all models may be used with filtered or unfiltered (full-wave-rectified) input voltages. Separate input terminals are available, shunt wires are provided to enable both tone and strobe to operate simultaneously from a single input.

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