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CO1224A Carbon Monoxide Detector

Carbon monoxide (CO) is an odorless, colorless, tasteless and
highly toxic gas that is produced when fuels, such as wood,
gasoline, charcoal and oil, are burned with insufficient air. The
majority of residential and commercial fatalities caused from
these fuels come from heating systems, power tools and charcoal
If carbon monoxide is detected, the CO1224T/CO1224A will
alert by sounding and flashing a temp-4 signal alarm. Protection
is guaranteed 24/7 by a central station if connected to a
panel with a digital alarm communicator.

Add addressability to the by supervising the circuit with a
compatible monitor module such as the FMM-101(A).

• In the CO1224T, RealTest™ technology allows installer to
test detector with CO gas.
• Full compliance with UL 2075.
• A code required trouble relay.
• Wiring supervision with SEMS terminals.
• A six-year end-of-life timer.
• 12/24 VDC.
• A current draw of 20mA in standby and 40mA in alarm.
• Versatile mounting for wall and ceiling.
• Electrochemical sensing technology.


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