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ACPS-610 Charger/Power Supply
Power Supply

The ACPS-610(E) is an auxiliary power supply with a battery
charging option and a host of special features. Selectable
charging options allow the ACPS-610(E) to provide 6 amps of
shared power to four outputs while charging batteries from
12 to 200 AH, or 10 amps of shared power when the unit is
configured for use with an external battery charger. Four individually
addressable outputs can be independently configured
for auxiliary power or Notification Appliance Circuits (NAC).
NAC outputs support notification appliance synchronization for
devices manufactured by System Sensor®, Wheelock, and
Gentex. An option to disable battery charging allows the system
designer to use the four built-in circuits to distribute
10 amps of power for general purposes, excluding NAC applications.
The ACPS-610(E) is compatible with NOTIFIER intelligent fire
alarm control panels using CLIP and FlashScan® protocol.

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